No compromise filter bags for the food & dairy industry

At the end of the day, your company depends on its ability to deliver quality products at the right price and on time – every time. But being solid and reliable is about more than turnover. It is also about protecting and building your brand.

Simatek filter bags are specially designed to help you do all that – and more. Because with more than 35 years’ experience, we understand your business. Simatek filter bags can meet the kinds of day-to-day challenges that you as a dairy and food producer see in your production. Together, we can continue the valuable work of safeguarding and improving your offerings, optimising your processes – and boosting your bottom line.

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Wrong! Simatek filter bags can save you time and money.

Simatek filter bags are made to get you faster to your next production batch. With Simatek bags, you can change bags quicker and also go longer between each change. And with approximately two hours saved on each bag change, that can quickly represent real and noticeable savings.


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Choose a bag that come with full certification.

Manufactured in accordance with GMP (EC) no. 2023/2006, Simatek filter bags are certified by a declaration of conformity according to EU regulation no. 10/2011. They are also compliant with the FDA CFR 21 §176 and §177. In addition to having filter bag cleaning verfied and approved by USDA, they are 3-A symbol certified CIP-able.

  • Certification in place
  • Reduced number of fibres and threads in final product
  • Improved quality
  • Material for food contact

Simatek bags carry unique batch number for total traceability.

Each filter bag is marked with a visible part number and batch number. Test results show a migration that is well below the legally prescribed limits (EC 1935/2004). This confirms the fact that Simatek filter bags are both ultra-efficient and also more than capable of helping to ensure optimum food safety in your dairy and food production.

  • Superb bag design
  • No open ends in filter media
  • Reduced number of fibres and threads

Unique ball-shaped underside ensures absolute cleanliness.

The Simatek filter bag bottom is turned inside out, which avoids any open edges that can potentially release unwanted fibres. This ball-shaped design helps to make sure that the bags can be washed completely clean. What’s more, the unique CIP design can also be adapted to fit bag houses from other manufacturers.


All food approved Simatek bags come packed in waterproof laminated plastic.

When you buy Simatek filter bags, you can rest assured that they will always be securely packed, both for transport and storage. Each cardboard box has a printed label with all the necessary information about the product, including part number and batch number. The filter bags are delivered rolled to ensure an easier and smoother installation in the bag house, and save your maintenance team time.

  • Packed in waterproof bags for the food industry
  • No pre-contamination
  • Easy tracking on cardboard boxes with specially printed labels
  • QR code leads to detailed installation instructions/video

SIMATEK filter technology

Simatek is a leading manufacturer of industrial air filtration solutions with over 35 years of experience. We have installed in excess of 10,500 filters in over 80 countries. The two main areas we cover are dust collection and aspiration, and process air. All the staff at Simatek have one goal: to help customers find the solution that will best benefit their business, so they get an optimised investment – effectively delivered.

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