How do we make a difference?

Producing alternative fuels calls for an ever-increasing variety of raw material and state-of-the-art filtration technologies

Simatek has more than 39 years knowledge of filter technology and supports biomass clients by taking active part in the design phase and facilitate finding the right solution to meet the requirements. Along with flexibility, we believe that this is the best way of adding value.

Our solutions

The biomass industry needs solutions that can provide dust collection and aspiration and are designed to be installed in explosive atmosphere. Our solutions meet these requirement -they also prevent explosive emissions and dust leakage ensuring high process safety.

Why choosing a Simatek filter? 

  • Minimum emission levels

  • Low maintenance 

  • Cost-efficient

  • High quality filters for biomass handling

Simatek filter in a danish biomass to energy plant

The plant handles wood pellets and looked for a filter system with 4 suction points where the dust is returned to the conveyor

The conveyor is covered and placed outside in the coastal area of Denmark which results in high humidity in the surrounding air during the cold months of the year. The filter should comply with the regulations of the ATEX and Machine Directive and should be CE marked. 

How we helped our customer:

  • A well-functioning filter with  long lifetime on the filter bags.

  • A optimum location of the filter and a large platform making the service and inspection very easy for the work-force's employees.

  • A filter with scraper bottom to ensure that dust does not build up inside the filter.

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